Ila Ebedyan

Ila Ebedyan is a young unlife hunter. As a priestess of the Corvid Queen, she has been trained and tasked to destroy all forms of Unlife.

Her Skills are focused upon umbral magics, weapon skills with her glaive sycthe, and the lore about numerous forms of unlife. All of these skills and knowledges were taught her in the temple orphanage.

Now she seeks to find a necromancer who escaped her during her last mission.


Twilia is an ellyll spirit guardian assigned to bring renegade ellyllon to justice. During the last Padrechian war, numerous ellyll factions sided with the Graywalker on the gateworld of Chin’ka, much to the detriment of the Ellyllon Confederacy.

Twilia is a skilled swordsman. Backed by extensive thaumaturgic magics, she has been trained to defend her people against all threats.

Now she has been sent by the Justices of the Ellyllon Confederacy to seek out and apprehend the renegades where ever they maybe.


Zythus is an ellyll dedicated to finding his own way in the worlds. Throwing off the stifling traditions of his people, he seeks his fortune and fame across the gateworlds.

Much of Zythus’ history is kept mysterious by his own actions and precautions. What is know is that he is a trickster with numerous stratagems and tricks up his sleeve, both mundane and magical.


Elisey is a tempest witch from Sarcisca. She has found herself elevated from being a simple village witch to being an agent of the Witch’s Grand Coven. Her mission is to find those witches who chose to serve the Graywalker during the last Padrechian War.

Witchery partakes of both spiritus and thamaturgic magics. Elisey was trained in broad spectrum of healing, song, and weather control. Yet she has little training or exposure to combat and strife. She still remains unsure why she was chose for her assignment.

Sade Sayari

Sade Sayari is a youthful dancer and fire mage. She grew up a street urchin till she developed minor fire magics just to stay warm during the cold of winter. She was discovered by an elderly wizard named Sayari. He discovered that she was a mage (someone who’s thamaturgic magics are innate) instead of a wizard, yet was able to train her fire magics to an expert level.

Sade’s skill as a dancer is as great as her talents as a fire mage. Now she has taken the name of her old mentor and seeks to live life to its fullest.


Lin is a huli jang, or a fox spirit, with a passion for firearms. Lin has a long history of adventures spanning decades and many of the gateworlds.

Now she uses her spirit magics and shooting skills to make her way through the worlds.

Gloywn Flutterbye

Gloywn is a pixie on a mission. Like most of the fae, her behavior seems capricious and almost nonsensical to mortals. For Gloywn, the irrational obsession of mortal races with wearing clothes, even when having no environmental need, is something that must be cured.

Now she uses her fae magic, druidic lorre, and magic bow to try and demonstrate the error of their ways to mortal beings.

Maggie Strub

Maggie is a young wayfolk, who has been trained as a shaman from a young age by her mother. Now she has reached her age of maturity and has been sent out to learn how to walk through the hidden ways of the gateworlds.

Her people have long held their tradition of a mentor taking a young wayfolk out into the worlds to learn how to be a worldwalker. Now she has taken to traveling and learning from the old worldwalker, Walk About Joe.


Malina is a bone necromancer who works for hire. Very little is known about her history. What is known is she has powerful necromantic magics of a thaumaturgic nature.

She often has been hired to fight in many wars and battles.

Lord Rhaven

Lord Rhaven is a brilliant runer and necromancer, but he is obviously insane. That is all anyone truly knows about him. His visage his hidden behind a rune covered mask, and he is known to hate everything about the Graywalker.

His trusty servant Fergus the goblin is always by his side. He fights for no cause but what ever strikes his fancy at the moment.


Fergus is a goblin of the magic seeker caste. Such goblins go out into the worlds to find magic to learn and become powerful before returning back to their people. On Fergus’ quest for magic, he found Lord Rhaven and became his servant. Now he travels with Lord Rhaven everywhere, attempting to learn all the magical secrets of the insane powerful necromancer.

Walk About Joe

Walk About Joe is an old worldwalker that was asked by Maggie’s parents to mentor and protect their daughter. His species is not fully known. Upon seeing him, observers sometime think him a troll, others a strange lizard man.

Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a strange being that can be found at many places in the world. He is a known merchant of exotic and enigmatic things.  His ability to travel across vast distances and dimensions are still a mystery. His species is not fully known. Upon seeing him, observers sometime think him a troll, others a strange lizard man.


Ashna is a monk of an order dedicated to healing the past damage done by the Padrechian Wars.

His background has trained him for many task with much of his abilities in combat and spirit talking.

The Gray Walker

Padrech de Shekineser is the largest villain in the history of the gateworlds since the Fall of Tellus. His wars had purpose for him and his allies, but his foes saw destruction and devastation. Those caught in the battle as bystanders saw only death, decay, and agony.