• Blue Warlock in port
  • Padrech in the Study
    Padrech took up another piece of parchment. Upon it was a correspondence from one of his many ancient allies. The old desk in his study was covered in such reports and correspondences.
  • The Flower and the Skull
    Maggie walked down the hall, talking at the skull decorating the upper end of her long ash wood staff, including generous pauses for the responses no one else could hear.
  • Gate Worlds Jard
    Creators explanation: Jard is a fantasy setting world designed around the idea of an entire world dominated by dragons as the major inhabitants. To add complexity to the setting, populations of Nordic style dwarves and primitive, bronze age humans were added to the mix to create a more interesting setting. In setting explanation: This world … Read more
  • Gate Worlds – Rhihhi
    The Gateworld of Rhihhi is world split between two different trees of life. One ecology is of terrestrial origin, while the competing ecology is of an alien nature. Across the planet organisms from both ecologies compete for resources. The biochemistries of these organisms are incompatible, disallowing stable food chains to be developed between the two … Read more
  • Fergus Finds a Master
    Fergus was a goblin, and not just any ol’ goblin, but a magic wielding goblin. And he was no amateur at slinging spells. No, Fergus was a mid level talent, goblin wizard, and who wanted to be a master level wizard. Goblins were a common people to find in any cosmopolitan region. Few major trade … Read more
  • City of Pal Tenda, Upon the world of Sacrisca
    In setting explanation: The city of Pal Tenda is set on the Gateworld of Sacrisca. The city is a major trade port along the East-West sea trade routes of the continent of Lagriyen. Within the current era, the world of Sacrisca is locked in an ice age. The whole of the planet experiences cool to … Read more
  • Gloywn Flutterbye
    The breeze blew gentle through the springtime growth of the forest canopy. The branch under Glowyn vibrated gently in the wind. She fluttered her wings at a slow beat to maintain her balance in counter to the wind.  Gloywn studied the forest path beneath her with the intensity of a hawk looking for a rabbit … Read more
  • History of the Gateworlds
    In setting explanation: The history of the Gateworlds is lost in myth and legend. It is believed by many mortal scholars that some enclaves of the Elder Peoples have archival records, which are not shared with the rest of the Gateworlds. What is generally known is that all known life and civilizations had their origin … Read more
  • Twilia Faced Her Sword Instructor
    Twilia faced her sword instructor with intense concentration. The cold autumn day made the full armor cool to wear, yet Twilia was still sweating under her gambeson. Her war sword was held in a high middle guard position as she slowly circled to her left. Sabatons were not part of training armor, so her heavy … Read more
  • What Is Darkness Born
    What is In Darkness Born? It is the title for a series of stories set in an epic fantasy setting. The stories cover many lives, many worlds, and many centuries; all of these stories connect to create one epic cycle.