The breeze blew gentle through the springtime growth of the forest canopy. The branch under Glowyn vibrated gently in the wind. She fluttered her wings at a slow beat to maintain her balance in counter to the wind.  Gloywn studied the forest path beneath her with the intensity of a hawk looking for a rabbit in the brush. Her prey was due along any moment.

She had picked the pair out as likely targets at the traveler’s inn yesterday. He was an over-dressed braggart, and she appeared to be a romantic fool. They would do perfectly as an example to other culprits committing crimes against nature.

Drawing two arrows from her hip quiver, she put one between her teeth and lay the other to her to her bowstring. The sun beat down upon her invisible form, and she waited with all due patience. The prey would be along, and then she would put her plan into action.

The sun slowly crept higher in the sky as she wanted. Gloywn had the patience any good hunter required to stalk and ambush their targeted prey. Within due course her targets came riding down the trail.

The invisible pixie grew tense preparing for action. One arrow was notched to her string, but the bow undrawn. And the other arrow was placed back in her mouth to keep her reload easily at hand.

The two travelers rode their horses at a simple walking gait up the trail. Gloywn could tell the heat of the day was impacting them both. The deep, green shade of the forest canopy only muted down the summer heat, but did not dispel it.  The man wore a shirt stained with sweat, while the woman was fanning herself with an elaborate hand fan.

The sight drove the pixie into a fit of rage. These humans would pay for their unnatural ways. Just after they passed beneath her perch, Gloywn launched herself into the air, drawing back her bow as soon as she was airborne.

The male victim only had moments to become aware of the drone of invisible, small wings and the twang of a small bow string before he felt the sting of her arrow pierce his right shoulder. The woman reined up her horse and exclaimed in surprise as the man slumped in his saddle. Then the second arrow was shot from the pixie’s bow, to pierce the woman; casting her into a deep slumber to match her male companion’s state.

Gloywn watched the two humans fall from their horses while she hovered nearby. Once she was sure both of them were full unconscientious from the effects of her sleep arrows, she alighted and became visible.

Gloywn used her magic to calm the upset horses and approach them to quickly go through the saddle bags and travel packs of the two sleeping humans on the ground. She dumped water canteens and food supplies down besides their sleeping forms. Weapons and small personal effects were soon placed on the pile.

After the pixie was confident that she had searched all their possessions, she slapped both the horses on the rump and sent them running back down the trail toward the waystation stables.

Setting to punish the humans for their unnatural act, she stripped them completely nude. Then she flew their clothes to the very top of an oak tree. When they awoke, they would find the necessary supplies to return to the waystation, and the weapons needed to defend themselves. There would be no clothing to cover their nudity with human vanity, when any sane being would abandon such foolishness in this oppressive heat and humidity. Her wings buzzed loudly as she shot off across the force, content with having taught foolish humans yet another lesson on how to live naturally