What is In Darkness Born? It is the title for a series of stories set in an epic fantasy setting. The stories cover many lives, many worlds, and many centuries; all of these stories connect to create one epic cycle.

The setting for the In Darkness Born epic cycle is the Gateworlds. The Gateworlds are 12 distinct worlds connected by ancient mystic gates.  Each world has its own history and inhabitants, but all have developed through millennia by interactions and migrations through the gates.

The spinal story for In Darkness Born centers around the centuries long life span of a character named Padrech de Shekineser. Padrech, often called the Graywalker in the myths and legends of various peoples, has sparked several destructive wars over the last 1500 years that have left various worlds devastated. Millions have died in his past wars.

IDB are stories told in and around these Padrechian Wars. The stories are both about Padrech and about those impacted during and after his wars have left their dire touch.

The medium for the IDB stories are told through comics, stories, novels, and even game supplements. Many of the stories are part of their own distinct series, but all connect back to the central themes and events.